Inspiring Creativity in Children

Design a Jack-O’-Lantern

by Greg Swearingen on August 19, 2010

Are your kids anxious to carve a pumpkin for Halloween? Have them design and color a few jack-o-lanterns to get ready for the big day! They can color the jack-o-lantern designs on this page and create their own.

Jack-O-Lantern Coloring Page

Jack-O-Lantern Coloring Page (Click on Image to Open PDF)

Teaching Opportunity

Although some people can jump right into sculpting without anything but the image they have in their head, most artists use a model, photographs, and sketches to help them. This applies to pumpkin carving as well. Use the Jack-O’-Lantern coloring page to come up with a design for your pumpkin ahead of time, then transfer what you see on paper to the pumpkin.

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